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Step into the spotlight and let your personality shine! Headshots have long played an important role in the world of business. As well as being widely used for online profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, they’re often featured on business websites to add a personal touch and build trust with visitors. Headshots are also commonly seen on email signatures, business cards and various forms of marketing materials. At Capture House, we’re on hand to provide a headshot photography service that’s tailored to your needs.




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Experienced Headshot Photographers

A headshot is not just a picture; it's your visual handshake with the world! Not only does it convey professionalism, telling potential clients, employers, or colleagues that you take your image seriously and implying that you approach your work with the same level of dedication, but it helps people remember you. A high-quality headshot can set you apart in a crowded professional landscape.


Our headshot photographers are highly experienced, with many years spent creating headshots for individuals and businesses. Whether it’s for your corporate profile, social media or personal brand, we’ll use our vast expertise to ensure your headshot showcases your personality and professionalism, helping you to achieve your goals. We can create headshots that represent the best version of yourself, helping you to make a lasting impression. But we don't stop at the click of the shutter. Our editors can use a range of image editing techniques to enhance your appearance, ensuring you look your very best in your headshots.

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Fully equipped headshot photography studio

When you visit our headshot photography studio, we’ll create a comfortable and relaxed environment, helping you to feel confident and at ease during your session. Our state-of-the-art studio features the highest quality equipment, versatile backdrop options, and controlled lighting to allow us to achieve the best possible results. This expertly designed environment provides the ideal space in which to capture professional headshots that elevate your image.

We're portable studio ready

We also have a portable studio, which means that our headshot photographer can come out to you. This allows for on-location shoots, saving you time and effort. You can have professional headshots taken without leaving your workplace or during corporate events. Disruption can be minimised when you choose to have your headshots taken on-site. Whilst traditional studio sessions can disrupt your daily routine, a portable studio session ensures you can get back to work quickly.


To find out more about our professional headshot photography services, talk to our team today. Call us on 01371 640 410 to discuss your requirements with our skilled headshot photographers.

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Capture House is a one-stop photography shop, offering professional portrait photography services to capture your favorite memories. Capture House’s creative images will leave you with content that you’ll be proud to show off and share on social media. Capture House is equipped to cater for special occasions like family photos, wedding photos and newborn pictures, but also offers lifestyle shots for businesses and individuals alike. Capture House can also lend its expertise to take food photography shots of every flavor – just in case the ‘gram page could do with some sprucing up! Capture House truly provides an experience tailored to each customer in a warm and inviting environment – so have your photo taken today!