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Drink Photography Services

At Capture House, we understand that there’s much more to drink photography than putting liquid in a glass and clicking the shutter button. There’s an art and science behind making beverages look irresistible, with perfect styling, lighting and photographic technique required to present them in such a way that makes your audience’s mouths water. Whether it’s a cold icy drink on a hot summer’s day or a warm, comforting brew on a chilly winter evening, our drink photography service can create a visual experience that tempts the senses and draws people into what your business has to offer.

Highly experienced drink photographers

Our drink photographers are highly experienced, with years spent showcasing the unique qualities of our customers’ beverages. We regularly work with restaurants and bars, cafes and coffee shops, beverage brands and food and drink magazines to ensure their drinks look as appealing as they taste. Our photographers possess the skills needed to capture the perfect shots of your drinks, using our creativity and technical expertise to create images that set them apart from the competition.

Expert drink styling

At Capture House, we are experts in drink styling, with our photographers paying meticulous attention to every detail, from the choice of glassware and garnishes to the background and lighting. Styling plays a key role in drink photography, helping to create compelling imagery that elevates your drinks and encourages your audience to buy them. Whether you’re a bar selling exquisite cocktails or a cosy café famous for its coffee, we can style your beverages in such a way that transforms them into works of art, each with its own unique personality. 

State-of-the-art equipment

At Capture House, we use state-of-the-art photography equipment and software to ensure that we achieve the best possible results every time. When providing our drink photography service to our clients, we use the latest cameras, lenses, and lighting to create images that stand out and make a lasting impact. We’ve invested heavily in cutting-edge post-production tools too, allowing us to refine the images of your beverages in a highly effective manner, enhancing their visual appeal and quality. 

Our drink photographers have worked with many businesses and brands across the UK, with Britvic, Sainsburys and Robinsons just a few of our valued clients. If you require the services of a skilled drink photographer, get in touch today. Call us on 01371 640 410 to discuss your requirements with our friendly team.

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