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Create a website that shows your business at its best and take back control



We're  one of the best in the UK!





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Increase sales

Reach a larger audience and increase sales with mobile friendly web design. With over 70% of website traffic being via mobile phone, all of our website are optimised to work on mobile devices as standard.

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Take online payments

If you are selling products, tickets or a training from your website, an e-commerce website will be best for you. Our team of web designers can accept payments through Wix, Stripe, World Pay and PayPal.

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Make changes yourself

Our bespoke websites are created using Wix meaning that you are able to take back control and make changes yourself. We even train you on how to do it once the website is complete!


Already have a Wix website?

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We can give your existing Wix website a new lease of life with a slick, professional finish saving you time and money.



Get In Touch

Capture House are a full-service visual content agency that design websites with your goals and your customer's user experience at its core.


Our designers are constantly searching for trends to increase leads and sales for your business using effective design techniques. These include clear call to actions, product placement and colours.

Our designers recently increased conversions by 30% for one it's e-commerce clients simply by rearranging the products in a different order!

Capture House use the world's most user-friendly web design platform meaning that you save time and have the ability to make changes to your own website with ease. Our team of designers and Wix wizards are on-hand for any training and advice if you need it.

Capture House are proud to be one of the UK's leading Wix Agencies with capabilities are fair grater than the average user. 

There are plenty of web design agencies in Essex, but none are as committed to the cause as Capture House! 


Your website is one of the most vital assets you’ll ever own. It’s your online shop window; a platform that showcases your company’s values and gives your customers a sneak-peek into everything you can offer them. 

What makes us different from the rest is this: we deliver quality designs quickly. We understand that many of our customers want to be able to launch their new site in a matter of weeks, and we’ve adapted our design processes to make sure we can meet even the most demanding of deadlines.

Our sites are clean, easy to use and SEO-friendly, and we can provide you with training on how to edit the platform if you’d like to get to grips with the system in-house. 

Sound good? Great! Contact us today to chat through your ideas with one of our expert web designers in Essex.