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Food Photography Services





Photography studio

Elevate your food with our professional photography services

Our food photography services are frequently used by restaurants and other eateries as well as catering companies, food brands, and food bloggers and writers to showcase their culinary creations in the most appetising and enticing way possible. At Capture House, our photographers will ensure your food looks its very best, helping bring your dishes to life and make your audience’s mouths water.

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Professional chefs and kitchens

Our food photographers collaborate with professional chefs to achieve the best possible results in their food photography projects. The culinary expertise of professional chefs can greatly enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of the dishes being photographed, elevating the quality and impact of the final images. We can take your food photography to the next level, helping your business attract customers, tell its brand story, and boost its overall marketing efforts.


In the competitive food industry, visuals play a significant role. Quality imagery can help customers to perceive the food and the overall dining experience positively. Whether you’re a fine dining restaurant or a small catering company, investing in professional photography for food can yield significant benefits for your business.

Expert food styling

When it comes to food photography, styling is paramount. Food styling involves the ingredients being arranged, presented, and enhanced to make a dish look its best in photographs and appear truly irresistible to its audience. Our food stylists work closely with our food photographer to ensure that your food looks just as good as it tastes.


Each component of a dish will be carefully arranged, with carefully selected garnishes and accents used to enhance the food brilliantly. We may use props such as utensils, tableware and linens to add further depth to the imagery.

Portable food photography studio

Capture House’s portable food photography studio offers a compact and versatile setup that allows our photographers to create high-quality food images in various locations. Highly flexible and convenient, it ensures that we are not limited to where we can provide our food photography services. Our studio provides a controlled environment for food photography, ensuring consistently professional results, regardless of the surrounding conditions. Our exceptional collection of backgrounds, props, and lighting allows us to photograph your food in almost any setting in the world.


If you require photography for food, talk to our team today. Call us on 01371 640 410 to discuss your requirements with our skilled photographers.

Capture House knows how to make food look good. Not just with actual delicious home-cooked meals, but by utilising the art of food photography. Capture House masterfully combines creative and artistic concepts to produce vibrant and captivating photos that draw viewers in. The photo shoot produced can be used for content such as a brand’s promotional material or featured merchandising in advertisements. Capture House is truly an artist when it comes to making every food look equally scrumptious through photography!