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Headshot Photography for Miiro Hotels in London

In the bustling heart of London, we recently had the pleasure of shooting headshots for Miiro, an emerging luxury hotel chain set to launch its boutique accommodations in 2024 and beyond. Our mission was to capture the essence of Miiro's brand, creating headshots and a team portrait for an upcoming press release heralding the launch of these unique accommodations.

Miiro, a part of the esteemed InterGlobe, is investing significantly to bring forth unique, characterful hotels across Paris, Barcelona, and London. Each property promises a distinct design, embodying the essence of the brand's name, "Miiro," which means "I wonder."

For Miiro's headshots, we adopted a relaxed and personable style, reflecting their desire to appear professional yet approachable. Steering away from traditional studio shots, we opted for lifestyle images that convey consistency with a touch of individuality. The results are a collection of headshots that mirror the brand's ethos and leave a lasting impression.

As Miiro's journey unfolds, we look forward to watching these boutique hotels evolve into unique spaces, each with its own character and charm. If you're seeking professional headshot photography that captures the essence of your brand, reach out to Capture House.


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