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MW Fitness | Promotional Photography & Videography

MW Fitness have an expert team that works with all types of clients, from clinical pre-operation, executives and fitness enthusiasts to Olympic level athletes! Unlike many practices, MW Fitness not only work as individuals in their own fields of expertise, but they combine their knowledge, working together as a ‘multi-disciplinary team’.

Capture House has been working with MW Fitness to add authenticity to its website by using its own visual content over stock content.

As a premium gym brand, they struggled to find a creative team that understood their USPs and vision for the business as well as one who transform this into attractive visual content. We worked collaboratively to create a brief that worked for MW Fitness and that could be achieved quickly.

We proved to be a great match for MW Fitness, being based close by we could react effectively to their needs as well as having experience working with high-end brands previously!

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