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Wrights Roofing Services | Portraits & Team Photography

At Capture House, we cherish every opportunity to bring our creative vision to life. Our recent collaboration with Wrights Roofing Services offered just that—an exhilarating challenge that allowed us to showcase our photography and post-production expertise in a truly unique way.

When Wrights Roofing Services entrusted us with capturing their team's essence through individual headshots and a collective team photo featuring their impressive fleet of vehicles, we couldn't have been more excited. From the outset, it was clear that this shoot was going to be anything but ordinary.

The day was filled with camaraderie and laughter as we worked with the fantastic team at Wrights Roofing Services. We believe that a relaxed atmosphere is the key to genuine smiles and expressions, and it certainly showed in the final results.

But the real magic happened during the post-production phase. To achieve the unique style that both Capture House and Wrights Roofing Services envisioned, we embarked on a meticulous journey of merging multiple individual shots into one cohesive team photo. We captured the group under various light setups, each bringing a different dimension to the final image.

This approach allowed us to infuse depth and character into the photo, emphasising the team's unity and professionalism. The final team photo we created for Wrights Roofing Services exceeded all expectations. It stood as a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional photography with a touch of creative flair. The fleet of vehicles added a dynamic element to the image, showcasing the company's strength and capability.

Our collaboration with Wrights Roofing Services was a delightful blend of creativity, teamwork, and post-production mastery. We're immensely proud of the results achieved through this project, and we're grateful to the Wrights Roofing Services team for entrusting us with their vision. At Capture House, we relish opportunities like these—projects that allow us to push boundaries, have fun, and deliver outstanding imagery that truly captures the essence of our clients' businesses.

Stay tuned for more stories of our creative collaborations and innovative photography and post-production solutions. We look forward to continuing to capture the unique spirit of each client we work with.


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