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Cognizant | Portrait Photography

A perfect blend of professionalism, fun, and speed - this is how we would describe our experience at Cognizant's recent meet and greet event. We had the great opportunity to do headshots for almost 100 individuals who attended the event. Amidst the friendly atmosphere and stunning office space, it was an exciting day. This was our first time working with Hayfa and the enthusiastic Cognizant team, and it was a fulfilling experience indeed.

After a quick discussion with Hayfa and the team, she showed us the location where we set up our photography equipment for the headshots, ensuring a smooth and professional process for all those who lined up for a photo session.

As the meet and greet commenced, we got to observe the diverse mix of people who work at Cognizant, each one bringing something unique to the table. The eagerness was evident when it came to the headshots, with many attendees keen on showcasing the best side of themselves for their new memento of the event.

Photographing close to 100 people in just a few hours can be quite challenging - but the enthusiasm of the Cognizant team and the excitement of that day made this photoshoot a very enjoyable experience. It was essential for us to make each individual feel at ease throughout the process, whilst capturing their best features in a headshot that they could proudly use for professional or personal purposes.

We'd like to thank the Cognizant team for having us, and look forward to more opportunities like this in the future.


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