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Sharrow Dentist | Headshot Photography

Sharrow Dentists are a group of dental clinics in Essex, United Kingdom. They are a well established family business and pride themselves on attention to detail, customer care and range of services.

Capture House was contacted by the team at Freelance SEO Essex who were creating a new website for the group and required professional images of the clinic and friendly headshot images of the team. We are the chosen photography supplier for FSE as we deliver great quality, we're easy to work with and we have a fast turnaround time on our photography services.

Going to the dentist can be scary for some people so it was vital that when people visited their website, they came across as friendly, professional and familiar. Using this information our photographers looked at medical and clinical headshots to see what would be familiar and trust worthy to potential customers of Sharrow Dentist. Bright images with a plain white background were popular as it depicts cleanliness.

To Sharrow Dentist time and money, we brought our compact, portable photography studio to capture the headshots. This meant that we could take the portraits while on site taking photographs of the practice and still being able to achieve the bright white, clean, studio-like images. Using our portable headshot studio kept consistency across the entire team.

The headshots taken by Capture House now sit proudly on Sharrow Dentist's website and we have since been back to capture images as the business and team grows.

How does your team come across on your website? Contact our photographers here and discover how we can help you business.

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