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The Beyond Collective Headshots | Photography

Recently, Capture House had the joy of partnering again with Beyond Collective, an innovative integrated advertising agency renowned for their knack of combining creative flair with strategic thinking to deliver impactful marketing solutions. We were tasked with an exciting mission: to create vibrant headshots and team shots that encapsulated their dynamic, multi-disciplinary team.

We understood the gravity of our goal: to craft portraits as diverse and energetic as the individuals themselves and to reflect the collective spirit that drives Beyond Collective's unique approach to advertising. Faced with a fast turnaround for an imminent press release, our focus and excitement were equally high.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere for the shoot, we captured the essence of each team member whilst also celebrating the synergy of the group. The resulting images perfectly balanced professionalism and personality, reflective of Beyond Collective's ethos.

Despite the rapid turnaround, the portraits and team shots beautifully captured Beyond Collective's spirit. Our rekindled collaboration was a delightful experience and a testament to our commitment to capturing the heart of businesses. At Capture House, we're always ready to bring your company's unique spirit to life, even under tight deadlines. Why not get in touch today?


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