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Supply Chain Collaboration Platform | Video Content

The Supply Chain Collaboration Platform aims to bring together trades professionals from the construction industry such as electricians, plumbers, builders, decorators, and more. By creating a space where these trades professionals can network and collaborate, the platform helps businesses of all sizes complete projects efficiently and effectively.

Capture House was approached by Supply Chain Collaboration Platform to help them spread the word about their services by creating promotional videos that could be used on their website and shared through social media channels. Our creative team did just that! We filmed their networking event and interviewed key members who talked about how the platform has helped their business grow. We then edited this footage into two videos—a promotional video for their website and several short social media-friendly clips for use on different platforms like Instagram or Facebook. The end result was an engaging series of videos that accurately capture the spirit of what makes this collaboration platform so special.

In addition to providing our high-quality filming services, we also worked with Supply Chain Collaboration Platform to define clear objectives for each video produced to ensure they were achieving maximum impact with minimal hassle. This included helping them select music tracks that communicated the right message while avoiding copyright issues, as well as selecting specific frames from our footage library for use in motion graphics sequences throughout each video.

By taking this extra step beyond just filming and editing, we were able to ensure that every second of our videos was utilized effectively in order to get maximum results from every piece of content produced!

At Capture House, we are proud of our work with Supply Chain Collaboration Platform; not only did we produce stunning visuals but we also helped them achieve a higher level of efficiency when it came to reaching new potential customers within Essex’s construction & logistics community! If you are looking for quality videography services for your business or organization contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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