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Event Videography for Infinigate's Annual SKO at Silverstone

Capture House partnered with Eventstorm, a leading event agency, to provide comprehensive videography for Infinigate's annual SKO event at Silverstone. This one-day event combined insightful daytime conferences with lively evening activities, including virtual racing. The highlight of the shoot was capturing breathtaking drone footage, enabled by securing the necessary permissions in advance and benefiting from perfect weather conditions.

Infinigate's SKO at Silverstone aimed to deliver valuable insights during the day and offer relaxation and fun in the evening. The dynamic venue provided a perfect backdrop for our video team to showcase the event's vibrancy and excitement.

Videography Requirements

Our mission was to capture the essence of the event through various video elements, including:

  • Drone footage of the Silverstone venue

  • Conference sessions and attendee interactions

  • Evening rooftop activities

  • Virtual racing experiences

  • Eight interviews/vox-pops with attendees and stallholders


Drone Footage: We obtained the necessary permissions in advance to capture stunning aerial shots of Silverstone, adding a unique perspective to the event footage.

Conference Coverage: During the day, we filmed the insightful sessions, capturing attendee engagement and interactions to highlight the valuable insights shared at the conference.

Evening Activities: By night, we focused on the rooftop gatherings where guests relaxed and enjoyed the atmosphere. The virtual racing setups provided additional entertainment, which we ensured to capture.

Interviews and Vox-Pops: We conducted eight interviews and vox-pops, featuring attendees and stall holders to provide personal insights and add a relatable element to the highlight reel.

Post-Event Production

After the event, our team meticulously edited the footage to create a compelling highlight video. The final product included a blend of aerial drone shots, conference highlights, and evening activities, showcasing the full scope of the event. Jesse, our videographer, was praised for his exceptional work: "Jesse was insane on the SKO …amazing footage."


Capture House excels in providing top-notch event videography, ensuring every moment is captured with precision and creativity. For premier event videography in London and beyond, including drone footage and comprehensive event coverage, contact Capture House today.

Explore our portfolio and let us help you make your next event unforgettable through stunning videography. Trust us to deliver high-quality, engaging videos that highlight the best of your event.


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