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Vibrant and Versatile Product Photography for Neon Tiger

Capture House recently collaborated with Neon Tiger, a Hong Kong-based fruit soda brand, to create a diverse range of product photography. Neon Tiger's vision required capturing both the daytime and nighttime personas of their brand. Our goal was to showcase their vibrant, family-friendly sodas as well as their sophisticated, cocktail-ready mixers. This project demanded creativity, precision, and effective communication, ensuring the brand's essence was captured in every shot.

Neon Tiger Can Product Photography

Project Overview

Neon Tiger sought to highlight two distinct aspects of their brand:

  1. Daytime Imagery: Bright and vibrant photos emphasising the soda's appeal to families, featuring real fruit juice, and styled in a way that showcased the cans, splashing effects, and pouring actions.

  2. Nighttime Imagery: Darker, moodier photos showcasing the sodas as mixers for cocktails, targeting adults looking for an exciting alternative to traditional mixers.

Planning and Execution

We worked closely with the Neon Tiger team to understand their vision and goals. Together, we curated a comprehensive shot list that could be executed within a single day. This collaboration was crucial to ensuring both the daytime and nighttime themes were well-represented.

Daytime Imagery: In our in-house studio, we focused on creating bright, stylised product photography. Using a mix of vibrant backdrops and fresh fruit, we captured the sodas in dynamic, eye-catching compositions.

Neon Tiger Can Product Photography

Nighttime Imagery: To showcase the mixer side of the brand, we adopted a darker aesthetic featuring neon lights and colours. For the lifestyle photography, we utilised one of our client’s bars during off-hours, creating a realistic and cost-effective setting. This approach allowed us to highlight the versatility of Neon Tiger sodas as premium mixers for cocktails.

Neon Can Product Photography

On-the-Day Coordination

Throughout the shoot, we maintained close communication with Neon Tiger via WhatsApp. This real-time feedback ensured that the brand's vision was accurately reflected in every shot. Our team of product photographers worked diligently to capture both the vibrant daytime shots and the neon nighttime images, all within the allocated time frame.


After the shoot, our team engaged in meticulous product retouching to enhance the final images. This step was crucial in ensuring that each photograph met Neon Tiger's high standards and effectively communicated the brand's dual appeal.


The collaboration with Neon Tiger was a testament to the power of effective communication and creative vision. By combining stylised product photography with lifestyle shots, we successfully showcased the versatility of Neon Tiger sodas. The final images captured the essence of the brand, appealing to both families and adults.

If you’re looking for a product photographer with expertise in in-house studio shoots, product retouching, and lifestyle photography, Capture House is here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your next project.


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