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Crafting The Time Firm's Brand with Capture House

In a dynamic partnership, Capture House teamed up with The Time Firm to establish their brand in just three weeks. From logo design to a fully responsive website, our collaboration was a testament to creative prowess and operational efficiency.

Establishing the Identity

Our journey began with defining The Time Firm's identity. We meticulously crafted a logo that resonated with their vision, selecting brand colours and fonts that exuded elegance and sophistication. This foundational step laid the groundwork for the entire project.

Showcasing Timepieces

At Capture House, our collaboration with The Time Firm extended beyond designing their logo and establishing brand identity. We meticulously planned a full-day product photography session in our studio, where we worked closely with The Time Firm team to capture their exquisite watch collection. Using advanced techniques like macro photography, we focused on highlighting the intricate details and craftsmanship that define each timepiece.

Post-production played a crucial role in our workflow. After the shoot, our skilled team meticulously edited and retouched each image to ensure every watch was presented flawlessly. This involved cleaning up imperfections, enhancing colours, and refining details to showcase the watches in their best possible light. The goal was to create images that not only captured attention but also conveyed the luxury and sophistication synonymous with The Time Firm's brand.

This collaborative effort resulted in a stunning visual portfolio that not only graces their newly launched website but also sets the standard for how their watches are perceived in the market.

Integrating Brand Elements

Simultaneously, we expedited the creation of business cards and email signatures, seamlessly integrating The Time Firm's new visual identity into their everyday communications. This holistic approach extended our impact beyond digital realms, reinforcing their brand presence in every interaction.

Launching the Digital Presence

With the countdown on, our focus shifted to the website—a digital showcase designed to position The Time Firm as the premier destination for watch enthusiasts. Featuring a user-friendly interface and captivating visuals, the site not only highlighted their curated collections but also underscored their expertise and passion for timepieces.

Exceeding Expectations

Despite the tight timeline, Capture House delivered ahead of schedule. With two days to spare, we not only completed the website but also managed the printing of business cards, ensuring a seamless transition from digital to tangible brand representation.

Capture House excels in transforming visions into reality. Our collaboration with The Time Firm exemplifies our dedication to creativity, efficiency, and aiming to surpass client expectations. Ready to elevate your brand presence? Let's create something exceptional together.


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