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Jess Cooks | Food & Product Photography

Working closely with Jess Cooks, a brand dedicated to crafting delicious and nutritious meals for children without compromising on taste, was an exciting venture for Capture House.

Our collaboration aimed to produce vibrant and appetising food photography images that mirrored Jess Cooks' lively personality. Together with Jess, who actively participated in the shoot, we meticulously styled each dish to impeccably match the exceptional recipes she had created.

Each dish underwent careful styling to emphasise the end product while possessing individual strength to showcase its essence. We selected specific ingredients to highlight their health benefits, underscoring that every meal is packed with wholesome goodness.

During the shoot, we extended our focus beyond capturing delectable dishes. Our collaboration with Jess Cooks also delved into product photography, meticulously showcasing each healthy-ready meal. Our approach went beyond typical packshots by highlighting the natural ingredients. By creatively framing and highlighting these elements, we aimed to add depth and intrigue, elevating the visual narrative. This approach not only made the meals visually appealing but also conveyed the essence of freshness and quality ingrained in Jess Cooks' offerings, making them stand out in a market saturated with generic representations.

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What Jess Cooks thinks:

"Fantastic experience with the guys at Capture House, a super reliable, speedy service with fantastic results, and at a price that won't break the bank! Thanks so much!"


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