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PRCA Awards 2023 | Event Video Production

At The London Marriott Hotel, we had the privilege of capturing the essence of the prestigious PRCA Public Affairs Awards 2023. With Lukwesa Burak from the BBC hosting, the event was a night of celebration, recognition, and transitions, marking our second year contributing to this exceptional occasion.

Honoring Excellence: Comprehensive Video Coverage

Our event video production meticulously covered the entire ceremony, ensuring a comprehensive showcase of the outstanding achievements in public affairs. From Lukwesa Burak's engaging presentation to the excitement of award winners, every significant moment was captured.

A Night of Celebrations and Transitions

The event not only celebrated the industry's triumphs but also introduced a new CEO, marking a significant moment in PRCA's journey. Our video production encapsulates this transition, preserving it as part of the organization's visual narrative.

Black-Tie Elegance: Capturing Formal Sophistication

Immerse yourself in the formal elegance of the evening. Our event video production perfectly encapsulates the black-tie glamour, the delectable cuisine, and the jubilant moments that defined the awards ceremony.

Cheers to Excellence and Partnerships

Concluding the night, we raise a glass to another year of successful collaboration between PRCA and Capture House. Our event video production not only highlights achievements but also underscores the dynamic spirit of the public affairs industry.


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