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"Working with Capture House was a breath of fresh air and they made the whole process flow smoothly from start to finish."

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Expert Food Photography

Creating irresistible food photography is second nature to our team at Capture House. 


Having worked with a plethora of food producers in the UK including restaurants, local bakeries, Michelin-star chefs, and global brands, we know all the tricks and hacks when it comes to taking heavenly food photography. 

Passion, experience and a pinch of enthusiasm is just a small part of what goes into creating our mouthwatering imagery.


Our real secret ingredients are our full-time chefs/stylists and three industrial kitchens. This means we are the best-equipped food photographers in Essex.

Our food photographers have travelled all over the UK to capturing a multitude of dishes from tasty tapas to delicious sweets and treats.

Professional Chefs & Kitchens

As part of the House Group, we belong with a collection of restaurants and bars. This means that we have full-time chefs and professional kitchens at our disposal 7-days a week. This is something that makes Capture House truly unique when it comes to Food Photography.

All our chefs are professionally trained and familiar with cooking a diverse range of cuisines from around the globe making us perfectly adept to recreating any recipe.

Food Stylist

Not every recipe was destined to be picture-perfect, that's why Capture House use food stylists.

Great food photography is about much more than what is on the plate. It's also about the setting, what garnishes you use, the mixture of colours in the image, product placement and of course, the plate itself.

Our food stylists work closely with our photographers to ensure that your dish is dressed to impress.

Our Portable Food Photography Studio

Capture House is fortunate enough to have an in-house and portable food photography studio meaning there is no limit to where we can capture high-quality food images.​

Our collection of backgrounds, props, plates and lighting allows us to photograph your food in almost any setting in the world. This also means we can recreate the perfect mood/feel that matches your dish.

See examples of our studio photography here.