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Word on the Curb | Website

Word on the Curb is a London based multicultural research and creative consultancy company. They over-represent underrepresented Gen-Z and Millennial communities to build culturally fluent brands. They're doing the work on the ground to capture the cultural shifts orchestrated by under-represented communities.

Word on the Curb was founded by two uni students who wanted to make content. Content that would document what they, and so many others, were feeling and experiencing. In 2014, they had their first viral moment with the release of a short film in Black History Month called "What I Wasn’t Taught In School", in collaboration with Sam King.

Fast forward to 2021 and here they are! Not only a YouTube Partner but alongside some of the biggest names in youth entertainment today. With an audience of 90% under the age of 34, they feel very lucky to work with brands and businesses to give them a place at the heart of youth culture through insight-led video content.

Word on the Curb approached us as they knew we specialised in Wix Websites, where their current site was built. They needed help reinventing their site, aligning it with their vision but with a super quick turnaround! From our initial conversation to the launch of a brand new website there were just 5 working days! The site relaunch needed to be completed before a large pitch meeting.

The brief was simply to create an engaging and dynamic website that was interesting visually whilst also getting their message across in a simple and user-friendly way. We worked collaboratively with Word on the Curb to finalise the site map and written content, then we were given a lot of freedom with the design elements.

We loved working on this design-forward website and couldn't be happier with the result! We're looking forward to continuing our relationship with Word on the Curb and developing the website further over the coming months! Check out the website at

Jack from Word on the Curb has this to say: "Thanks again, the site is looking great! Really well done, it's turned out really really well."

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