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One-Eyed Rebel Rum | Product Photography

Have you ever wanted to capture a product in a way that showcases its unique qualities and looks picture-perfect?

The team at Capture House recently had the opportunity to do just that when we photographed One-Eyed Rebel Rum for a personal project. This project was an experiment for Capture House, as it allowed our team to play around with different techniques and explore new ways of capturing products, whilst getting fully creative!

The Setup

Firstly, we started by setting up the studio! The team wanted to create a scene that would bring out the texture and character of the beautiful One-Eyed Rebel rum bottle. After much deliberation, mood boards and collaboration, the team decided upon building their own set with a beach-style, stormy Caribbean theme.

They used a screen as the backdrop, making sure the colours complimented the product, whilst building the foreground using sand and plants. For different shots, different props were used, such as glasses, garnishes and pourers.

When it came to lighting the newly built set, the team used multiple flashes, to help create depth and dimension throughout the image.

The Shoot

When it came to shooting, the team tried various angles, distances, and focal lengths to achieve different looks and styles, across the range of 3 bottles. Adjusting lights, fine-tuning details and making sure the product really shone was what this shoot was all about!

The team shot close-ups of the bottle's label, to showcase picture-perfect details, as well as wide shots of the entire setup, perfect to be used in advertising.


After capturing all of the images, we headed into post-production to edit our photos and make them shine even brighter than before. With careful adjustments, we were able to draw out even more detail from the images and bring out subtle nuances like textures or shadows that add further life to an image, whilst making sure the branding of the product really popped!


The experiment was a success! By playing around with different techniques and experimenting with lighting setups, we were able to capture One-Eyed Rebel Rum in a beautiful and unique way that showcased its character. Personal projects like this are really important to us at Capture House, our team of photographers were able to let their creative juices flow, expand their skillset and discover new ways of creating stunning images, which can be used again moving on to new projects!

If you’re looking for photography services or have an upcoming project you need help with, don’t hesitate to reach out! Capture House is ready to help you take your projects one step further today!


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