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Maison Kinza is a niche, luxury perfume brand that create unique and exquisite fragrances with the USP Made in England. Founded in 2021, the brand name Maison Kinza is a combination of French (Maison) and Arabic (Kinza) literally translating to House of Hidden Beauty. The brand identity, however, is quintessentially British.

Maison Kinza was starting from scratch and needed Capture House to develop its brand. Capture House worked closely with Maison Kinza on their logo design, brand guidelines and website. This is an area Maison Kinza were totally new too and relied on our team's design expertise to guide them in the right direction. Maison Kinza ideal outcome was to create a brand that looked luxury and captured the essence of the brand with its strong British roots.

We started this project by getting to know the reasons behind the brand, the target audience and looking and Maison Kinza's competitors. We worked with Maison Kinza to firm up its brief by making the brand focus on or of it's key USPs "Made in England" as well as working with them to confirm the minimalist brand colours of black and off-white/bone.

The initial part of this project was logo design. We presented Maison Kinza with several logos all traditional in essence with a modern twist through font choices and layout.

The project ran smoothly with close collaboration between our design team and the team at Maison Kinza. Working closely allowed both parties to work to the best of their abilities and produce a really exciting brand. The team at Capture House helped organise the printing and pointed Maison Kinza in the right direction when moving forward with the brand. We worked hard to create a strong voice for the brand and helped create the Who Are We part of Maison Kinza's brand guidelines.

We delivered a logo, brand guidelines, business cards, email signatures, leaflets and an e-commerce website which was well received by the client and allowed them to launch their brand quickly and effectively!

We are continuing to work with Maison Kinza on photography and videography projects as well as consistently updating the website and working with them to increase conversions.

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