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Hunwick Engineering | Video, Design & Website

Hunwick Engineering are industry leaders in specialist process and heavy engineering solutions for a number of industries including modular construction, rail and infrastructure. They are also the first carbon-neutral off-grid large-scale engineering facility in the UK, powered completely by green energy, which is all produced on site.

We were approached by Hunwick Engineering after they had seen our proven success with similar companies for design and video work. The company had only updated their branding once in the 100 years they had been running and their online presence was non-existent. We treated the company as a blank canvas and collaborated with their marketing team to create spectacular content for them.

Heritage and innovation were two qualities that were very important to the team. These qualities were at the forefront of everything that we produced. This was also the case for their website and design work.

As a result of this project, Hunwick Engineering felt more confident about applying for tenders and saw an increase in growth in the company shortly after launch.


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