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Cirque Celebration: Capturing the Magic of PMI's Christmas Party

December in London is a magical affair, and we stepped into the heart of it to document the enchantment at PMI's Christmas Party. Aiming for nothing short of spectacular, we deployed not one but two photographers to ensure complete coverage, as per the client's request.

The atmosphere was electric, with fire artists and circus performers transforming the event into a modern-day circus extravaganza. Aerial hoops, daring acts, and festive flair were all part of the grand spectacle. To truly capture the essence of this magical night, we went beyond photography, adding an extra layer with a captivating video.

We understand that memories are meant to be cherished, and quick delivery is key. Within a swift three working days, we curated and delivered the images, ensuring that the magic of PMI's Christmas Party could be relived through our lens.

At Capture House, we don't just capture events; we immerse ourselves in the magic, ensuring every moment is frozen in time. Ready to turn your event into a visual spectacle? Let's connect and create an extraordinary narrative together!


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