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CEME Business Campus | Videography | Location

CEME are a flexible office space provider, that have had a remarkable impact over the last 17 years – supporting customers to grow over 3,500 new jobs with many thousands more being trained for new careers.

As an innovative and forward-thinking company, CEME knew the power and importance of video content and tasked us to create a series of videos including a video showing off what they are able to offer customers.

CEME came to us with a list of benefits and features that they wanted to showcase. Using this information our team of videographers developed storyboards and suggestions on what would work for what they wanted to achieve. They loved what we produced and also opted for our additional suggestions as it helped them keep to their core values of providing an excellent service.

Once we agreed on the content, we planned a day to visit the site and for the CEO, Bill Williams, to visit our studios to record an interview. We prepped the questions to dig deeper into their values to form a connection between them and their audience.

We turned the project around within a week allowing CEME to go to market faster.

Our team were later tasked in 2020 to create a video showing their covid secure provisions.

CEME value presentation for on-boarding new customers.


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