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Celebrating 25 Years: Avant's Glamorous Gala at Norwich Football Club

At Capture House, being on a retainer means being a part of our client's most significant moments. Avant, a cherished member of our retainer family, recently marked their 25th anniversary, and we were privileged to attend and capture this remarkable milestone.

The setting? None other than Norwich Football Club, a venue that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of celebration. Avant's sponsorship of the club added an extra layer of significance to the evening, creating an atmosphere of shared pride.

Amidst the glamour of this black-tie affair, complete with casino tables and delectable food, the evening took a poignant turn with an awards presentation. This segment recognized the dedicated members of the Avant team, highlighting their integral role in the company's success.

Being on retainer isn't just about photography; it's about becoming a small but meaningful part of our clients' journeys. Avant's 25th-anniversary gala at Norwich Football Club was a testament to the enduring partnership we share.

Stay tuned for more glimpses into our journey with retainer clients, where every event becomes a canvas for storytelling. If you're seeking dedicated event photography with a personal touch, consider joining the Capture House family.


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