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Drink Photography

Drink Photography

Drink photography is the art of capturing beverages, cocktails, and liquid products. There is a lot more to drink photography than you may think. There are many things to consider when photographing such a variable subject and making it look good can be tricky. 

Drinks come in different forms and consistencies, some completely clear, some almost solid and this makes it tricky to photograph as not every drink is the same and the lighting will have to change dramatically between different drinks.

During drink photoshoots, there is a lot that can be experimented with, including unusual props, colors and various composition techniques as well as various ways of styling the drink itself.

Why do you need a Drinks Photographer?

Brand Identity

Build your brand identity with someone who has an understanding of visual content and how to make your brand stand out from the rest. A food and drink photographer will be able to work to a specific brief to match your specific identity or create a brand identity for future branding. Photographers will understand what you are trying to achieve and will be able to replicate the style of imagery every time so that your content is consistent and looks great!

Food and Drink Styling

Food and drink photographers have an understanding of how to make food and drinks look great and stand out. There are plenty of things that can be done to drinks to make them look more appetising and desirable. Ice cold beer bottle, perfect garnish, silky smooth milkshakes can all be achieved, and a drinks photographer will know how to make it happen. Garnishes and the correct glasses for your drinks will hugely impact the final outcome.

Professional Equipment

A drink photographer will have all the equipment such as cameras, lenses and lighting required to make your products look great. Smartphones are great for getting shots on your holiday or photos of your children, however, they do not replace the expertise and the equipment a professional food and drink photographer has to offer just yet. The photographer will have access to all the equipment and also software that will further enhance your drink photos by adjusting colours or removing any blemishes.


Product Shots are essential

Professional product shots are essential for any business. Before committing to spend money on your business, people want to know exactly what they are getting, and restaurants, bars, pubs or drink companies are no different. People want to know what they can expect from your brand. Professional drink photos will make your business look well established and trustworthy and, your photographer will make your brand and product look a million dollars.

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Should my Drink Photographs look authentic?

There can be many different types of drinks displayed, ranging from a simple glass of wine to a colourful cocktail. As such, we want your glass/drink to stand out in the competition. When a customer is drawn to a more attractive photo, there is a greater chance of the customer buying the product  


A few ways to make a glass and drink stand out are to use creative lighting that defines the shape of the glass as well as applying saturation to the drink. The addition of props and the background of a bar or restaurant can also enhance the lifestyle image of the photo.