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Bad Axe | Food and Drinks Photography

Bad Axe is the world's largest urban axe throwing company. They have various locations in Canada and the US, as well as 2 locations in the UK. One in Wembley and the other in Croydon, which is the one we visited not so long ago. Being part of Box Park, Croydon, Bad Axe have decided to expand their services and start serving food and drinks.

They tasked Capture House with photographing their new menu items, which include hot dogs, nachos and a large selection of cocktails. The theme was rustic and it definitely was the right choice for an urban Axe throwing club.

Our photographer arrived on location before Bad Axe opened early morning and chose the perfect spot as a location for the day, without disturbing any customers. The kitchen team then cooked up each individual menu item Bad Axe had to offer and we started shooting! Even stole one of the throwing instructors to use as a hand model.

Once all the food was photographed (and eaten), we moved on to the cocktails, and they did look amazing, which definitely made our job easier!

We really enjoyed shooting at Bad Axe but were disappointed we ran out of time to throw some axes.

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