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Little Rick | Product Photography | Studio

Little Rick are an emerging London based, cannabis company specialising in creating CBD infused beverages and sweets. They pride themselves on using real fruit juice, natural flavours creating drinks that are good for your body and also the environment.

As a new brand who's target market spend the majority of their time on social media, they came to Capture House for loud, proud, creative product photography of their beverages designed to catch people's eye and build an audience. This was a particularly exciting project for us as we had a lot of creative freedom allowing us to produce regular, consistent creative photos of their drinks.

Together, our product photographers created a dynamic range of eye-catching images using combinations of studio photography, location photography, hiring in models and compositing images within Adobe Photoshop. We blended in cultural references, vibrant colours, striking composition, and different props.

We now create regular monthly photography content for Little Rick's social media. They favoured our photographers thanks to our fast-turnaround, creative high-quality content, and how easy we are to work with.

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