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Creating Casa | From Branding to Buzz

At Capture House, we had the extraordinary privilege of embarking on a creative journey with Casa, a brand-new tapas and cocktail bar in Essex. Casa entrusted us with the exciting task of crafting their brand identity from the ground up. This encompassed everything from designing their logo and menus to developing their website and capturing stunning pre-launch photos to market this vibrant venue. With the client's unwavering trust and a blank canvas of creative freedom, the Casa project became a true showcase of our capabilities.

We were tasked with envisioning a brand that would reflect the essence of Casa—a tapas and cocktail bar that would offer a unique and inviting experience to its patrons. Our creative journey involved crafting an array of materials, including a captivating logo that would be the visual cornerstone of Casa, menus that would tantalize taste buds and a website that would entice potential visitors. Before Casa's doors swung open, we had the privilege of capturing the venue's ambience and personality through our lens, creating visual narratives that would spark excitement and curiosity.

With a blank canvas and a world of creative possibilities, we embraced the Casa project with enthusiasm. Our team delved into the world of Casa, conducting extensive research to conceptualize a brand identity that would resonate with its target audience. This process led to the creation of a distinctive logo, a harmonious blend of visuals and storytelling. Casa offered us the unique opportunity to unleash our creative flair and explore unconventional ideas, allowing us to push the boundaries of design and storytelling. We captured Casa's pre-launch atmosphere through our lenses, freezing moments in time that would not only showcase the venue's aesthetics but also convey the warmth and excitement that awaited future guests.

To bring Casa's vibrant personality to the digital realm, we utilised Wix Studio to create a fully responsive website. We made sure the site was not only visually stunning but also user-friendly, ensuring that visitors could easily explore the menu, learn about the venue, and even experience a custom cursor with the website featuring our unique imagery. This touch of creativity added an extra layer of fun and vibrancy to the website, setting the stage for what customers could expect when coming to Casa.

At Capture House, we treasure the Casa project as a shining example of what can be achieved when creativity knows no bounds. As we continue to embark on new creative journeys, we look forward to crafting captivating brand stories and delivering exceptional design and photography solutions that elevate our clients' visions. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and captivating projects from Capture House, where creativity always finds its home.


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