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Shaken Udder Milkshakes | Product Photography & Videography

Capture House has collaborated with Shaken Udder on numerous occasions. Shaken Udder is a leading milkshake company with products available in most major supermarkets in the UK, making it the second most popular milkshake in the country.

Capture House has been working with Shaken Udder to enhance its visual content, creating engaging videos and captivating product photography.

In order to meet the needs of a top and rapidly growing drink brand, they struggled to find a creative team capable of delivering great images quickly and to specification. We worked collaboratively to create a brief that worked for their consumers and that could be achieved quickly due to external demands.

For this brand, we proved to be the ideal choice as we have our own in-house studio and have experience photographing global brands. This combination means that we deliver images to the highest standard and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with.

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In our most recent shoot with Shaken Udder, our team worked with a brand manager and a digital marketer from the very beginning. We brought innovative ideas and a structured brief was created to help the company meet its adaptive needs. As well as inviting them to the shoot to get a glimpse into our creative process and find out more about the Capture House team.

Behind the scenes

An insight into the photoshoot day. showing a few moments we had, including starting one shoot with a bike ride through the forest due to our transport breaking down. While editing the work, the team was also fortunate to keep all the milkshakes from the shoot (our favourite was strawberry). We look forward to working with Shaken Udder again in the future.

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