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Triumph Motorbikes | Product Photography

As professional photographers, it’s important for us to stay creative and try different techniques. Recently, we decided to take a break from our usual work and focus on a personal project and photograph something that could challenge our skills.

We chose to photograph a Triumph motorbike. The Capture House team approached our local dealership, just around the corner from our studio!) and asked to borrow their bike in exchange for some imagery they could use. They were more than happy to help! So, we planned our shoot.

We started by brainstorming ideas for potential shots and planning what we would do with the Triumph Motorbike. Once we had a plan, it was time to set up for the shoot.

We wanted to capture the bike in an industrial environment as well as bring in a grey background for some variety. Then came the challenge of lighting the motorbike. The team used 7 different lights to highlight the bike's main features. Even though we’re experienced photographers, this project was outside our everyday realm of work – which made it all the more exciting and really allowed us to get creative!

We’re really proud of how the final photographs turned out. We experimented with different angles, compositions and lighting techniques, it was great fun trying something new. It also gave us an opportunity to explore different options for future projects, so that when clients come to us with unique requests, we know that we can deliver!

Taking on creative projects like this is important – not just for learning new skills but also for keeping your passion alive as a photographer. If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut or looking for new inspiration, why not try something outside your usual work? You never know what amazing results you might get!


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