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The Flitch House | Food Photo & Video

Our team of food photographers and video experts from Essex had the pleasure of collaborating with The Flitch House in Great Dunmow, Essex for an exciting project. Our goal was to produce a range of marketing materials for their latest offering, the Unlimited Wings and Beer Night. The experience was a delightful adventure that stimulated our taste buds and inspired our creativity.

First up on the agenda was getting drool-worthy shots of their Unlimited Wings and Beer Night offerings. Trust us when we say, those wings tasted as good as they looked! Working closely with the Head Chef, Steven 'Ginge' Pitman, we were able to capture every scrumptious detail of their expertly seasoned, different-flavoured, uniquely-crafted, crispy wings, perfectly complemented by (what else?!) ice-cold beers. These images weren't just Instagram-worthy; they were specifically crafted to be key marketing materials, designed to reel in wing and beer enthusiasts from all corners of Essex.

Next, our attention was all on The Flitch House's cocktail creations. These weren't just any cocktails; they were unique concoctions that deserved their own spotlight in the marketing campaign. We weren't just capturing still images, oh no! We decided to create captivating video content specifically designed for Instagram Reels and TikTok. Each short, dynamic video was meticulously crafted to ignite curiosity and excitement, making potential patrons imagine themselves sipping one of these tantalising drinks in the lively atmosphere of The Flitch House. We aimed to create scroll-stopping content that showcased the artistry of these liquid wonders, fitting seamlessly into the fast-paced world of social media feeds.

As the atmosphere at The Flitch House buzzed with the energy of ping pong, our cameras were ready to capture every thrilling moment. These dynamic visuals aimed to showcase the lively atmosphere patrons could expect during the Unlimited Wings and Beer nights. With our video services, we set out to create engaging clips perfect for social media promotion, capturing the dynamic energy of the game and the camaraderie among friends.

To wrap it up, working with The Flitch House was a blast! We loved every minute of creating compelling visual content for their Unlimited Wings and Beer Night. From capturing mouth-watering wing pictures to filming energised ping pong games, we're really happy with the results. We can't wait to team up with the awesome guys at The Flitch House again soon to create more stunning content.

Interested in learning more about how we can bring your culinary event or establishment to life? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today! Our team of food photographers Essex are ready to help you turn your food and drink marketing dreams into a reality.


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