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Formula Woman | Photo & Video

At Capture House, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality media content for businesses. Recently, we were given the incredible opportunity to work with Emma, a racing driver for Formula Woman, as part of our sponsorship agreement. We headed to a track day to capture photo and video content of the drivers and their fantastic new car, the Project 8 Jaguar. One of our team members even got taken around the track himself!

It was important for us to come prepared for the track day, which is why we packed our gear bags ahead of time. We made sure to bring our full photography and videography equipment, including high-speed cameras and various lenses. We also ensured that we had the necessary safety gear such as helmets, reflective jackets, and earplugs. Taking the time to prepare beforehand meant that we could focus on the work ahead and maximise our time at the track.

As you can imagine, capturing photos and videos at a high-speed event like Formula Woman comes with its own set of challenges. We knew that we needed to get creative in order to get the best shots. Our team utilised various techniques such as panning, motion blur, and slow-motion cinematography to add depth and interest to the footage. Additionally, to capture Emma's performance on her laps, we deployed specialised cameras on the car, including dashboard cameras and mounted GoPros.

One of the things that helped us to get the most out of this project was our partnership with Emma and her team. We worked closely with them to understand exactly what they needed from the footage and how we could best serve their needs. Collaboration can be key to achieving the best possible outcome for any project, and this was no exception.

After a long and exhilarating day of shooting, our team got to work on editing and processing the media content. We made sure to take a detailed and critical approach to the post-production process, taking the time to study the footage and imagery to determine what worked best. We added colour correction, background music, and other effects to bring the footage and imagery to life.

Our experience working with Emma and the Formula Woman team was an incredible and unforgettable one. Not only did we get the chance to work with a talented racing driver, but we also got to capture amazing footage that we are proud to have produced. This project was a great reminder of the importance of preparation, creativity, and collaboration in achieving outstanding results.

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