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Curran Packaging | Photography and Video

Recently, Curran Packaging, UK's leading independent cardboard tube manufacturer, joined forces with Capture House to revamp their online presence. This partnership aimed to not only showcase Curran Packaging's products but also tell their unique story through captivating visuals.

The team at Capture House immersed themselves in the world of Curran Packaging, capturing the soul of the company. The result? A collection of striking photos that showcase Curran Packaging, their processes and great team.

In addition to photography, we produced an engaging video that provides an inside look at Curran Packaging. This video not only highlights their facilities but also introduces the people who make it all happen. Every aspect of Curran Packaging's operation was brought to life on screen, showcasing their practices and the friendly atmosphere that sets them apart.

By capturing not just what Curran Packaging does, but who they are as a company, Capture House has helped forge a deeper connection between Curran Packaging and its audience. This collaboration serves as a shining example of how creative content can elevate a business's online presence and tell its unique story to the world.

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