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What is the photography production process?

In commercial photography, we tailor images for companies to boost their advertising and promotion. From sleek product shots to dynamic lifestyle images, each click shapes a brand's identity. Let's explore the world of commercial photography, where every image amplifies a brand's narrative. Discover how our expertise can elevate your visual presence.

The Capture House Photography Production Journey

When we dive into bulk product photography, efficiency and quality are our driving forces. Picture this: up to 300 different products, each meticulously captured for advertising and promotion.

Step 1: Organisation and Setup

Our system kicks off with a detailed spreadsheet, mapping out products with unique codes and labels. We begin with the classic white background, meticulously adjusting lighting for each product. Multiple shots ensure two top-tier copies. Lightroom aids us, displaying images on a larger canvas. Once content, we flag the final image for easy reference during editing.

Step 2: Dynamic Teamwork

Two colleagues harmonize the process – one organizes the products, the other navigates the spreadsheet and captures images. This dynamic duo ensures a seamless operation, swiftly moving through the product list.

Step 3: Background Transformation

White background images transition to another skilled colleague. They meticulously cut out products, offering the flexibility of a PNG background or a polished white backdrop with a subtle shadow. Concurrently, lifestyle images take form, requiring extra care in crafting environments that complement each product.

Step 4: Realism in Lifestyle Imagery

For select products, a real-world setting like a restaurant adds a touch of authenticity. Models may join, enhancing the lifelike appeal. Larger productions utilize television backgrounds for quick scene transitions, enriched by props like napkins and bottles.

Step 5: Editing Finesse

As lifestyle and white background images evolve, meticulous editing begins. One or two colleagues sift through the edited images, perfecting each detail. Minor edits tackle reflections, water droplets, or any imperfections.

Step 6: Scrutiny and Assurance

Close scrutiny becomes pivotal. We meticulously inspect each image, ensuring tables are spotless, and glasses pristine. Fresh fruits are brought in as props, guaranteeing flawless images even at high resolutions.

Step 7: Final Check and Client Delivery

A final colleague scrutinizes our work, spotting any imperfections. With a nod of approval, everything moves to the shared drive folder, ready for client access via a seamless download link.

This meticulous process ensures that every image tells a compelling story, reflecting the essence of each product and meeting the high standards set by Capture House.


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