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TUMI | Timelapse Video, Reels & Photos

When we got the call from luxury luggage brand Tumi to capture their live art event in their Oxford Street store during the coronation weekend, we knew that we were in for one of the most exciting projects yet. Our team at Capture House has experience shooting both photos and videos for clients in various industries, but this particular assignment offered a unique challenge - we had to capture the essence of a live art installation and create content that could be used on multiple platforms, including social media.

We created visual content that could represent Tumi’s brand identity both on online social media platforms and their communication outlets. We focused on the art part of the live event, leveraging the creative talents of the artist to achieve that goal. We also interacted with customers who were present during the event, capturing their reactions to the live installation. We knew that the end product had to meet our client’s expectations and ultimately exceed them. We were able to create timelapse shots and still images of the event which showcased the highlights of the art event and encapsulated the mood perfectly.

At Capture House, we take our client’s vision and brand message seriously, and we know that every project has to be customised and tailored to suit their needs. Photographs and videos are media types that directly represent a brand, that is why we at Capture House, ensure that we can create something unique and special every time our services are sought. Our experience shooting Tumi’s live art event in London further fuels our passion for creating quality content that meets our client's needs. We believe that every project is another opportunity to provide industry-standard photography and videography services, and we are ever ready to immerse ourselves in different creative challenges.


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