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The London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry | Photo and Video

Our collaboration with The London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry (LCCD) was an immersive journey into capturing their excellence through a comprehensive photo and video commercial shoot. Spending a full day at their practice, we meticulously crafted a diverse array of content that highlighted their expertise in dentistry.

Capturing the Essence of Expertise

From the onset, our goal was to encapsulate the essence of LCCD's proficiency in cosmetic dentistry. This encompassed a broad spectrum of visuals, including headshots, team photos, exterior shots, and captivating promotional content showcasing their skills and dedication to their craft.

Working harmoniously with the LCCD team, we navigated their appointments and day seamlessly, ensuring that our creative process remained unobtrusive yet comprehensive. We aimed to capture their expertise without disrupting the flow of their practice.

The resulting content from our shoot with LCCD epitomised their commitment to excellence. Through both photo and video, we aimed to convey the professionalism and passion that define LCCD's approach, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of their exceptional dental services.

It was truly a pleasure to work alongside the talented team at LCCD. Their dedication and enthusiasm for their craft made our creative endeavour rewarding. Our photo and video commercial shoot with The London Centre of Cosmetic Dentistry stands as a visual testament to their commitment to providing exceptional dental care.

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LCCD Testimonial Here:

"Jesse and Dom were fantastic, professional and very likeable. They made us feel very comfortable during filming."

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