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Skylight at Tobacco Docks Winter Commercial Shoot

Skylight Tobacco Docks' Winter Shoot at Capture House was a joyous exploration into the enchanting world of the festive season. We had the pleasure of frequent collaboration with Skylight, and their winter installations at Tobacco Docks never fail to captivate us.

Unveiling Winter's Charm

Winter at Skylight Tobacco Docks is a magical time indeed. The venue undergoes a stunning transformation, boasting an ice rink atop the rooftop bar where patrons can skate while being enchanted by the dazzling city lights of London.

Capturing the Winter Wonderland

Our commercial photo shoot aimed to encapsulate the essence of the venue during this festive season. Through our lens, we captured the ambience, the joyous atmosphere, and the picturesque transformation of Skylight Tobacco Docks into a winter wonderland.

The images from this shoot radiate the warmth and charm of the Christmas season. They serve as a testament to the captivating allure of Skylight Tobacco Docks during the winter months, inviting visitors to experience the magical transformation firsthand.

At Capture House, we cherish the opportunity to visually narrate the transformation of remarkable venues like Skylight Tobacco Docks during the festive season. Our photos aim to encapsulate the joy and wonder that Christmas brings to this exquisite location.

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What Skylight have to say:

"We've been working with Capture House for over a year now and are always incredibly pleased with their photography and videography. Always delivering a large volume of content, perfectly edited to our branding standards and always willing to engage with our guests to capture the best shot! Team is always professional, friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommend to any hospitality business!"

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