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Ferretti Iron & Paintworks | Commercial Photoshoot

Capture House had the honour of collaborating with Ferretti Iron & Paintworks, an esteemed steel fabrication and commercial paintwork enterprise nestled in the heart of Colchester, Essex. Boasting a legacy of over five decades, Ferretti Iron & Paintworks aspired to rejuvenate its image and unveil its remarkable craftsmanship to the world through contemporary and alluring visual content. Entrusted with this mission, Capture House embarked on a journey to craft high-calibre and professional imagery, poised to not only enhance their appeal but also catapult them into the modern era.

While Ferretti Iron & Paintworks boasted an extensive history and a sterling reputation in its industry, the company acknowledged the necessity of a visual facelift to remain competitive in the contemporary market landscape. The challenges confronting this endeavour included:

Modernisation: Ferretti Iron & Paintworks' existing visual assets felt dated and failed to mirror their current capabilities and unwavering standards. The mandate was clear: usher in content that harmonized seamlessly with the latest design aesthetics.

Diversity of Services: Catering to a spectrum of services, including steel fabrication and commercial paintwork, demanded distinct and compelling visual representation for each facet of their operations.

Professionalism: As a company etched in history with an unwavering commitment to quality, Ferretti Iron & Paintworks yearned for imagery that would resonate with professionalism, expertise, and meticulous attention to detail.

Capture House approached the Ferretti Iron & Paintworks Commercial Photoshoot project armed with a comprehensive plan, meticulously tailored to the client's unique aspirations.

The Ferretti Iron & Paintworks Commercial Photoshoot project epitomizes Capture House's unwavering dedication to enhancing the visual identity of our cherished clients. We breathed new life into a storied company, imbuing it with fresh appeal and relevance in the modern era.

Capture House looks forward to continued collaborations with Ferretti Iron & Paintworks and other clients seeking high-quality visual content that captures the essence of their brand and expertise. Our team remains dedicated to delivering exceptional photography and content solutions that drive success for our clients in today's competitive market.

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