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Skylight Pitchside | Commercial Photography & Videography

Capture House and Skylight Pitchside formed a successful collaboration when our photo and video content team was tasked with creating high-quality, creative content that would help promote Skylight's hospitality venues. Our photo and video team worked diligently to ensure their finished product was of the highest quality. We took multiple photo and video shoots at each venue to capture all aspects of the event, including attendees, food, drinks, decor, and ambience.

The Capture House team crafted a unique story for each venue that resonated with Skylight's customers. This allowed them to create an immersive experience that could draw potential customers into the story being told. With these unique stories being created, customers were able to connect more deeply with each venue by visually seeing how other people experienced them.

The collaboration between Capture House and Skylight in London resulted in a memorable content series which clearly communicated the message of their venues. The photo and video series successfully promoted each venue due to its creative storytelling approach which emphasised quality over quantity when it came to photo and video shots. In conclusion, Capture House’s collaboration with Skylight in London has been extremely successful in achieving its goal of creating higher-quality promotional material for its hospitality venues.

See our fave video below:

See some of our fave images below:

If you're looking for creative photo and video content that will truly make your hospitality venue stand out, look no further than Capture House. Our dedicated photo and video team have the skills and experience necessary to create high-quality content that will help promote your venue and attract new customers.

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