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Event Videography for Braze City X City London

Capture House is delighted to share a recent project where we provided event videography services for the Braze City X City London event, managed by the esteemed event management agency, CAPITAL-e. As the official videographer, our objective was to capture the event's essence for archival purposes and future promotions. Held at the impressive Convene London venue, the event attracted over 700 attendees, including existing customers and future prospects of Braze.

Project Overview:

For this high-profile event, our goal was to document the unfolding activities, from the insightful speeches to the lively networking sessions, showcasing the overall guest experience and brand presence. We worked closely with CAPITAL-e to ensure that we delivered a comprehensive and engaging highlight video that Braze would be proud to share.

Videography Requirements:

Our coverage included environmental shots, establishing shots of the location, venue entry, and video documentation of the event setups while they were still empty. We also focused on capturing the Braze Hub, sponsor booths, plenary sessions, and the overall attendee experience. This included following the attendee journey from registration, through general event interactions, networking, and the expo. Additionally, we covered think tank discussions, plenary and breakout speakers, F&B arrangements, and various guest interactions, ensuring every aspect of the event was recorded.


To achieve these goals, we meticulously planned and executed our strategy over the course of the two-day event. On the first day, we concentrated on capturing the setup and environmental shots, ensuring we had pristine footage of the venue, the Braze Hub, sponsor booths, and plenary areas before the event began.

The second day focused on documenting the event as it unfolded. We captured the attendee experience right from the registration process, through dynamic networking sessions, engaging expo activities, and thought-provoking think tanks. Our team was there to film the captivating speeches, brand presence, and the enjoyment of guests, including candid interactions and guest questions during sessions. We also conducted vox-pops and collected testimonials to add a personal touch to the highlight reel.

Post-Event Production:

Following the event, our team went into post-production, where we meticulously edited the footage into a compelling highlight video. We collaborated closely with CAPITAL-e and Braze to ensure the final product met all expectations and accurately reflected the vibrant atmosphere and insightful content of the event. The highlight video was delivered within the agreed timeframe, ready for both promotional use and archival purposes.


The final highlight video successfully captured the lively atmosphere, insightful sessions, and dynamic interactions of the Braze City X City London event. This video now serves as a valuable promotional tool for future events and a comprehensive record for Braze’s archives.


At Capture House, we specialise in event videography that tells a compelling story and captures the true essence of your event. Whether it's a conference, corporate event, or promotional shoot, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. For premier event videography in London, including conference videos and highlight reels, contact Capture House today. Explore our portfolio and see how we can make your next event unforgettable through stunning videography. Let us help you create a lasting impression with our professional video services!


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