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What is a Promotional Video?

The purpose of a promotional video is to enlighten the viewer about the product and advertise it for what it is. A promotional video can be anything from an ad campaign to a video with a series of products and it is purely directed towards audiences and potential customers. There are many ways that the promotional video can be used to advertise the company at large such as advertising to people looking for careers within the company.Having as much engagement as you can with your promotional video is vital, and social media is a great way to promote your video. As a new announcement will have been made, you need as many people as possible to engage with the video.

Promotional videos will also not be very long, perhaps a few minutes. This is to engage as many people as possible and to keep them watching for the entirety. From beginning to end, the more viewers you have, the more chances the promotion has of hitting social media algorithms to continue gaining attention.

Promotional videos are usually created by several people and not just one. A storyboard will most likely be made and ideas among the creative video creators and the marketing team will be clearly communicated before any work begins; a final brief will then be agreed upon before anything begins.

Key Benefits for your Promotion Video?

Social media 

Having multiple videos that vary in length and crop can make it quick and easy to distribute to your various social platforms, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or YouTube. In addition, being able to display your video on multiple platforms can increase your chances of attracting traffic to your website and getting your company name out there.  

Easy communication 

A key aspect of a promotional video is communication. You don't want to overload your viewer with too much information as there will be a lot of changing screens, so you need to keep the videos focused on what is important and bold in order to make the best impact on your viewers. Additionally, it is important to feed any video into other social networks to provide more information for viewers  

Product promotion 

In order to achieve full engagement from a promotional video, it is best to keep it short, and if you are planning on creating a longer video about a product, it would be best to use two separate videos, released separately, about the same product that can help to help keep the video engaging.

Company Promotion 

It might also be necessary to produce a promotional video to advertise the company such as an open position in the company or to discuss how the company might be expanding. The format of this can be very similar to a product promotion since watching something that catches your attention is always a good way to maintain it. Nevertheless, every company is more likely to succeed if they use the right promo for their target audience. 

Your Edited Video

When it comes to your final video, the first draft is always key for providing feedback. Moving forward into a final product is very important for the editor and the marketing team to review any changes made. Before the video is finalized, there may be several drafts that need to be completed. As a result, the final video can be cut and arranged into different lengths for different media platforms.


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