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Silverstone Circuit | MotoGP | Commercial Photography

Silverstone Circuit in Towcester, United Kingdom is one of the most renowned and prestigious race tracks on the planet first hosting the British Grand Prix in 1948 and now hosting many of the worlds major racing events.

Capture House was contacted by the hospitality team in 2017 to photograph the VIP experience for the M

MotoGP. They had previously used images taken by the public to promote the event which meant the styles and colours conflicted and they weren't getting the premium feel across that they needed to sell a premium product.

Silverstone Circuit was attracted to Capture House because of the quality of our work, impressive client base, and how easy we are to work with during the planning stage.

Before arriving on site, our photographers planned what images were needed over email and an initial phone call. We got additional information from the website to see how Silverstone Circuit put them self across.

The shoot took place over two days and we were required to structure our day to allow us to capture the main events in the different hospitality areas.

We delivered over 1,500 images to Silverstone giving them enough content to market the hospitality across different platforms over a number of years. Silverstone are still using our content to this day proving that great content lasts.

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