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Green 2 Delivery | Branding and Website

Green 2 Delivery is the first 2-man electric delivery solution in the United Kingdom, and Capture House created the branding for them to help them stand out in their industry. When Green 2 came to us, they were just an idea and had no branding and needed help creating a logo design and brand guidelines that would elevate their business!

Knowing that Green 2 wanted to create a strong brand presence, we focused on designing an eye-catching logo that could be used across multiple platforms and short-term branding materials. We spent time reviewing their competition to make sure our design was unique while still reflecting the company’s values. After researching potential design elements, we settled on a sleek, modern look with vibrant colours.

Once we had finished designing the logo, we created brand guidelines outlining how it should be used appropriately across multiple mediums. This included specifications for colour palettes, fonts, iconography, imagery, and other elements of the branding system. We also designed a website for Green 2 that incorporated all of their branding elements with a user-friendly layout so customers could easily find what they were looking for quickly

The end result? Through our branding efforts and their strategic marketing plans, Green 2 Delivery was able to succeed as one of the leading electric delivery solutions in the UK with more customers as each week passes! The collaboration between Capture House and Green 2 has allowed them to maximize growth opportunities while staying true to their core values at every step along the way, our relationship is still ongoing and we can't wait to see what's next!


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