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Feast Box | Food Photography & Videography | Recipe Box Subscription

Feast Box is one of the UK's leading recipe subscription boxes taking their subscriber's taste buds across the globe via the traditional and vibrant cuisines of Africa, Latin America, China, India, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South East Asia, Japan, Korea and Eastern Europe. Capture House have been photographing and filming content for Feast Box since March 2019, cooking, styling and taking delicious food photography for their website and recipe cards.

As a rapidly growing food brand, they had struggled finding a single photographer to work with who could deliver high-quality images, quickly and within their marketing budget. As a result of working with multiple photographers, their food imagery lacked consistency and needed help with direction. Working in collaboration with their marketing team, our food photographers analysed their existing images and selected aspects we liked and didn't like and began to form a set of image guidelines. Capture House helped shape Feast Box's brand to what it is today. We proved to be an ideal match for this brand as we have our own in-house professional chefs, commercial kitchens and experience with photographing for global brands. This combination means that we deliver images quickly, to an impeccable standard and we are incredibly easy to work with. We helped speed up the process by creating a WhatsApp group allowing us to send images to the marketing team as we take them. This saves them time as they don't have to travel to the photoshoot and guarantees an ideal outcome as amendments can be made as we're still shooting rather than editing in post.

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