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DOC Cleaning | Photography

DOC Cleaning are one of the largest cleaning companies in the United Kingdom turning over £25 million per year, cleaning buildings including museums, galleries, landmarks, offices and for the royal households. DOC Cleaning have even been awarded a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of the long standing relationship and high levels of service that were provided to the Royal Household over many consecutive years.

DOC Cleaning was undergoing a rebrand and we were recommended to them by MFP Marketing who were redesigning their website at the time. We had worked on a number of photography projects in collaboration with MFP Marketing so already had a great relationship. The website and brochures needed images of their cleaners working and headshots of the directors.

The photographs needed to reflect the high-quality standard that DOC Cleaning achieve and show them as a forward thinking, modern business whilst still keeping their traditional values.

Capture House were guided by MFP Marketing with the brief as they were guiding the image that the company was striving to achieve. We worked together picking out key services to show, the values the images should put across and the style they should be. Using this brief, we set to work.

Our photographers had to shoot in one building so upon arrival we walked around the building to find locations that we could create our desired images. We also had one cleaner to work with so we used various camera tricks such as close ups, soft focus, and alternative framing to distract from the fact that it was the same person in the images while putting across the services and values that we wanted to capture.

Capture House delivered above and beyond the brief giving the client enough content for over a years worth of marketing content in two days shooting. Our images now sit proudly on their website giving DOC Cleaning the innovative, clean image they wanted to portray.

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