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Asics | Photography Content

Asics, one of the most popular sports brand in the world contacted Capture House to create some photography content for their website, social media platforms, and shopping centres where their stores are located.

The retail marketer at Asics provided us with a brief that detailed the photos they wanted and gave us a clear idea of what they were looking for. Asics had also arranged for two influencers to be chosen as models throughout the day. The day began with a visit to the Asics Store in Braintree Village. Our next stop was their studio, where we took some more detailed pictures of the models. The Shoot lasted two hours, it started off in the Asics Store in Braintree Village, where the influences chose their outfits for the shoot then made our way over to The Studio to create focused content for the brand.

It was our first time working with Asics, and it was an amazing opportunity to work with such an established brand and we look forward to working again together again in the future.

If you're looking for regular and consistent content to be created for your brand, contact our team today.

Additionally, it was great to work with fitness influencers Chloe and Francesca Townsend we always enjoy working with friendly and positive people.


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