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What does a Corporate Event Photographer do?

Corporate event photography is simply photographing any event that has been organised or funded by a business. This could include anything from a staff party to a product launch. A corporate event photographer is hired to document that event. The images supplied by the photographer can then be used to create marketing material for future events, promote a product or a service, promote your business or just to keep a souvenir and something to remember.

The job of a corporate event photographer is important as with most events you have zero control over the lighting and what happens on the day. The event photographer you hire will have prepared to adapt to the environment they will be in and also know what their equipment is capable of, meaning any problems they encounter they will be able to photograph your event with ease and achieve great photos.

Your photographer will be able to control things that will be out of range for an amateur or a coworker with an iPhone, changing lights, fast-moving action, being in the right place at the right time and getting the angles are all things that can be utilised to make the best photos. 

What are the benefits of hiring a Corporate Event Photographer?

There are many benefits of photographing your event.  Here are the main benefits.


If your event happens on a regular basis and the aim is to attract more people, marketing is key. Photographs are a great way to attract people to come to your event and build excitement. If you have great images from previous events, it is a way of showing people what an amazing time they will have. Photographing or filming all your events will build a bank of imagery which can all be used to promote any future events through social media, website or print marketing.


Credibility is an important part of any business or event. People need to be reassured that they are not being ripped off or lied to and photo and video content are the perfect way of showing that it is a genuine event or business. Event photography documents what happens at the event. This shows people what they can expect and shows them what a great time they will have.

Keep memories

Many guests love to look back at times in their life but it is very difficult to remember everything that happened in your life, especially at a party. Documenting an event will produce memories that will last a lifetime. Even if the imagery isn't of something specific, photographs will trigger the feelings and memories from the day.

Professional Product Shots

Are you a business just opening or launching a new product? Need product photos and want to show people that you exist? Event photographers at store openings and product launches are a great way to promote yourself and get professional product photos at the same time. 

Why choose a professional Corporate Event Photographer?

A corporate event photographer has one job, which is to get great shots, meaning their focus will be purely on capturing your event and not on socialising with the guests or attending the event. Corporate event photographers will ensure that everything is captured and you get excellent photographs of your event.

Professional corporate event photographers will also have the training and expertise required to get great shots, know what to look out for and tell a story with images.

They will also have all the equipment required to get the best out of the situation. Smartphones are great for getting shots on your holiday or photos of your children, however, they do not replace the expertise and the equipment a corporate event photographer has to offer just yet. The photographer will have access to all the equipment and also software that will further enhance the images.


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