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Flying Tiger Store Opening at Bluewater | Photo and Video

The Flying Tiger store opening at Bluewater was an exhilarating event that ignited our passion for creative capture at Capture House. This dynamic shoot, comprising both photo and video coverage, was a bustling affair from inception to closure.

Designing Uniqueness

Flying Tiger stores exude a distinctive charm in their design, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike. We were enthralled by the opportunity to capture the store's unique layout and ambience, showcasing the brand's innovative approach to retail.

Hustle and Bustle

From the moment the event commenced until its conclusion, the pace was relentless. Our team worked tirelessly, seamlessly transitioning between photo and video shoots, ensuring we captured every engaging moment of this bustling affair.

Same-Day Edits for Impact

The challenge of same-day edits was embraced eagerly. We crafted video reels tailored for social media, encapsulating the excitement and uniqueness of the Flying Tiger store opening. Simultaneously, our photo content was curated for LinkedIn, ready to showcase the brand's innovative essence.

The Flying Tiger Store Opening at Bluewater was a testament to the brand's creativity, and we were honoured to translate this into captivating visual content. Our photo and video coverage aimed to mirror the store's uniqueness and bustling energy, delivering dynamic reels and imagery for immediate impact.

Stay tuned for more enthralling captures that encapsulate the spirit of unique events. Whether it's photo or video, same-day edits or comprehensive coverage, Capture House is primed to bring your event's creative essence to life! Get in touch today,


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