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 What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is an incredibly versatile genre that can take a variety of forms, from the photojournalistic approach to high-end commercial product photography. Regardless of the style chosen, commercial photography puts the spotlight on a company and its products or services in order to draw attention and promote them. A commercial photographer will have a deep understanding of branding, lighting, and layout to create impactful visuals that are tailor-made for marketing purposes and appeal directly to customers. With commercial photography, it's all about finding the perfect balance between artistry and commercialisation.

What goes into a Commercial Photoshoot?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a breathtaking commercial photoshoot? From creative concepting to lighting and equipment, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into making sure each frame is as perfect as can be. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at what goes into creating stunning commercial photography. 

Location Scouting

The first step in any photo shoot is location scouting. This involves finding the best possible spot for the shoot – from indoor or outdoor settings to urban or rural locations to an in-house studio. The goal of this process is to ensure that the location fits with your desired aesthetic and provides enough room for all necessary equipment, props, and talent. Additionally, location scouts will often have to secure permits where needed and make sure that all safety protocols are being followed. 

Lighting & Equipment Setup

Once the location has been scouted, it’s time to set up the necessary lighting and equipment. This includes setting up camera gear like tripods and lights, as well as props like furniture and backdrops, depending on what’s needed for the photoshoot. It also involves testing out different angles and poses until everything looks just right – this can take some time!

Creative Direction & Styling

After everything is set up properly, it’s time for creative direction from an experienced photographer or art director who will work with models or actors to get just the right shots. They will provide guidance on how to pose correctly, how to dress appropriately for each scene, how to act naturally in front of the camera – all that good stuff! Finally, they will also make sure that any action sequences (like dancing or running) are captured perfectly before wrapping up for the day. 

Commercial photoshoots require more than just taking pictures - they involve careful planning and lots of hard work from everyone involved. However, when done right they can create stunning visuals that capture your brand’s identity in an artistic way – which is why they remain one of the most popular marketing tools today! Whether you’re shooting ads or product images for your company website, understanding what goes into a commercial photoshoot can help you create beautiful photos that capture your audience's attention while staying true to your brand's mission.


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