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Charity Super.Mkt | Store Opening Photography

We were thrilled to join Charity Super.Mkt in capturing the excitement of their store opening at Bluewater! Our mission: to freeze-frame the joy and smiles of consumers as they explore this fantastic new shopping destination. Plus, there was a DJ on the decks to keep the vibes high!

Charity Super.Mkt's store opening at Bluewater was a momentous occasion, and our task was to be everywhere, capturing the buzz, smiles, and genuine happiness as shoppers discovered the new store. It was all about documenting the lively atmosphere. With a DJ spinning tunes, we wanted to capture the energy and rhythm that filled the air, adding to the festive spirit of the day.

We tackled this project with a friendly smile and a keen eye. We went undercover, snapping candid moments of shoppers exploring the Charity Super.Mkt. From discovering hidden gems to filling their baskets with goodies, we were there to capture it all. We encouraged smiles and laughter, ensuring that every shot reflected the genuine joy of the day. Happy shoppers were our stars!

The Charity Super.Mkt Store Opening Photoshoot was a hit. Our photos are bursting with authentic smiles and good vibes, showcasing the happiness of shoppers at the new Bluewater store. Charity Supermarket's Bluewater store opening was truly a celebration, and we're thrilled to have captured every delightful moment of it. Here's to many more happy shoppers and exciting events in the future!


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